Chemical Test Patch Sample Policy

Last Revised: 2/01/2016

  1. We strongly recommend test patches. The grief caused by having people, a lift, and the wrong chemicals on a jobsite is a terrible thing.
  2. Nobody is right every time. Be smart. Testing is your best insurance.
  3. Sample Cost: Regular customers receive free chemical samples of materials that can be safely shipped.
  4. Sample Cost: If you are not a regular customer you pay $20.00 for each sample, or shipment of samples, sent for your test patch.
    •  You’ll receive a $20.00 credit against the chemicals purchased for your job.
  5. If in doubt any what will work: e-mail pictures to Tell Bob what you know about the job.
    • What are you cleaning, waterproofing, or stripping?
    • How many square feet?
    • How will you dispose of runoff?
    • Additional information that you feel would help Bob understand the job.
  6. Bob loves to talk about cleaning: Call him at 717-608-0079 when a live person better fits your needs.
  7. Samples will be shipped from: Because of the wide range of chemicals involved we will have your samples shipped directly from the chemical manufacturer.
  8. If you are located within driving distance of Harrisburg, PA: Bob tries to personally visit the really tough jobs when necessary.
    • Cost: Rumor has it that he has a flat fee for consulting for our customers – Black coffee from McDonald’s.