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William T. Everett of Spectrum Sales gives a customer testimonial for Restoration Direct


Mr. Bob Port, from Restoration Direct, asked me to put this note together for you to help explain why he is getting in touch with you. I have worked with Bob for the last ten years as a Chem Trete distributor in Pennsylvania. His company is unique in that he sells cleaners and water repellents but, most importantly, he manufactures the most fantastic sprayers I have ever seen. Most of my restoration contractors in eastern Pennsylvania now own one or two machines and consider them one of the best equipment investments they ever made. The amount of labor they save on a project is significant the sprayers usually pays for itself on the first job.

The sprayers are reliable and, if cleaned and flushed regularly after each use, there is no reason to expect they won’t last at least ten years.

As you can see from Bob’s brochure, he does market Chem Trete nationwide, although most of his sales are here in Pennsylvania. If he does sell Chem Trete out of this territory, I will guarantee that the local Chem Trete rep receives 100% of the commission., no splits will ever happen.

If this is a program you feel you would want to get involved in and you would like to discuss my experiences, give me a call and we can talk about it. You will never get rich selling these sprayers but your contractors will thank you profusely for hooking them up with this equipment.


William T. Everett